Introducing JPittsProductions


Web/Graphic Design | Audio/Video Productions | Photography | Videography | Office Management | SEO Optimization | OVERALL DEDICATION TO PROVIDING GREAT RESULTS!

JPittsProductions is dedicated in so many ways to provide a wide array of web, photography and digital media to establish a branding for professional and personal usage. Weddings, 1st Birthday parties, corporate events, birthday parties, sweet 16s, and MORE! My military career has carved many professional qualities that I follow on a daily basis.

Dedication, Integrity, and Loyalty are some of the major qualities that you will expect when working with JPittsProductions.
Feel free to contact me at for more information.

Awards and Prestiges
Several US ARMY Military Awards, Army Veteran, 2012 Brides Choice Awards, 2013 Brides Choice Awards, over 18 highly acclaimed reviews on WeddingWire, and other bridal resource websites.

JPittsProductions is involved in assisting local small businesses in the startup process, advertising and marketing at a very afforable rate. I understand the clients’ needs and issues and work diligently to resolve the issues. Patience is a vital key in the hospitality industry, and for other industries as well.

The purpose of this blog/website is to showcase my previous projects highlighting on style, event, composition and other factors that makes a client choose JPittsProductions. I’ll do everything in my power and resources to accommodate to my client’s well-being. It’s in my nature to do the BEST!!


What are you comments about JPittsProductions?

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