Through My Eyes

Everyone’s sees things differently; I see events differently too.  Through my eyes, you will see “things” that most people would consider abnormal, unusual and unexpected.  So, who’s in the “Right”? Am I wrong for seeing the ‘glass full of refreshing juice’ or ‘glass full of Castor Oil’?  eeewwww!

As a Photographer, I try to capture places and scenes that inspire the average person. Things that one overlooks or that would never be seen if someone didn’t take time to bring it to everyone’s attention. These images surround us in our everyday lives hiding in plain sight. I hope you the viewer enjoy the ones I have found and the way in which I present them to you. The following shots were taken August 15th, 2012 at Sunset Beach, North Shore Hawaii; on the island of Oahu.

landscape_panoramajp_sun-3 jp_sun-9 jp_sun-10 jp_sun-12 jp_sun-14


2 thoughts on “Through My Eyes

  1. The pictures are BREATHTAKING. If God had gave out a pamplet of earth he would need to include these!!


    1. Aloha and Thank you for visiting my website. Your comment is greatly appreciated and it shows that your support is everlasting. Stay tuned for more photos, ground-breaking videos.


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