Happy 4th of July 2013

I remember way back, when all the kids in the Oak would load backpacks full of fireworks, bottlerockets, roman candles, whistlers, Black Cats and other assortments of AMMO. 4th of July would be FIRECRACKER WAR!! Everybody would throw ’em at each other….putting M80s in mailboxes……making ‘niga chasers’……causing alot of ‘racket’…..the best way to throw a bottlerocket with good accuracy was to throw under-handed; wait til the lit fuse is close to the paper and release! You’ll caught a MoFo running up the street and watch as that bottlerocket would explode upon impact on his back…..ohh, here’s another tip: Never ever, ever, ever try to light one of those ‘quick pops’, (the small short firecrackers). First off, the fuse is ALREADY short and you try to light one with a stem that’s CLOSE to the firecracker…..you’ll get ‘lucky’ a few times, but don’t push it……I know of a couple people that got their hand blown up……ooh yea, that ringing in your ear lasts for a couple hours…..might as well go in the house and finish eating BBQ. Well…..times have changed and now I don’t know if kids STILL do this….or maybe it was just the kids from The Oak. ‎#4THofJuly ‎#ThingsIdidonthe4th ‎#retro


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