Season 1 Finale

Growing and advancing is the natural course of LIFE.  It’s the creation of those memories that makes doing what YOU are doing, that much more worthwhile.  The people that you meet along the way through life will teach you something. ….something about yourself and there’s a wide variety of people that are out there.  It’s how you receive/perceive  that knowledge and how to apply it to your own pathway through Life. Is there ever really a ‘finish line’?

Its hard to let go of the past, when you’ve invested so much of yourself directly and/or indirectly into a venture, an idea or a position in a social circle that’s so different from what you are accustomed to.  Yes, (i’m speaking for myself) it will be hard to let go, but I must carry on.  I’ve left my impression in a society that is based on not what you know, but who you know.  Being proud of yourself and coming out with the same dedication and persistence that you had since the beginning means that I haven’t loss myself, but I’ve only gained a deeper perspective of how I deal with situations that may come in the near future.

Being true and never giving up on myself is the greatest gift that I can give to myself.  Everything else doesn’t compare to what I know I can do for myself.

It’s only the end of Season 1, but the beginning of a beautiful Season 2.  Stay tuned for more!

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