Throwback Photos

Through my years of capturing people, places, and things in their natural light, I’ve come across some old, but never lost photos that I took during the start of my photography venture.  I wasn’t exactly sure if photography was my “calling”, but through persistence and dedication, (along with saving up $$ to buy additional camera equipment) this is what I’ve resulted into perusing.  There’s no TOP LEVEL……I’m only as good as I see myself being.  The ‘starving artist’ still does have an effect on performance, but the creativity and the shear fact to see the smiles on people’s faces is gratitude enough.  I AM NO LONGER STARVING!!ton_fun-29 ton_fun-28 pau_2ndset-18 Pau_1-7 wide_angle david_linda_setting-3 2_manoa-140 dt-6 op_knock group fun_day-4


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