What is SpeedArt?

Ok, everyone…..I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my latest videos on YouTube.  The most frequently asked question is “What is SpeedArt?”


answer:   Speed art and time lapse videos are basically the same thing. The reason why you see so many digital art based speed videos is partly because digital art is more suited than traditional art for the conditions of making a time lapse and speed art video. But there are also subtle differences between the labeling of the two that I have noticed.

Even though these videos are often just long processes sped up, speed art tends to label more to art done under timed conditions, and time lapse videos tend to refer to drawings or pieces taking a longer time (more than a few recording sessions) than speed art usually does.

Speed art, or the speed art videos that I’ve noticed, usually refer to quick paintings that an artist did in less than a day and then recorded on a computer and sped up for fun viewing. Often, the finished work is the result of a condensed and concise work process. A lot of concept art professionals (who work quickly and effectively) and hobbyists/concept artist wannabes xD (who try to work fairly quickly to half impressive results) label their videos with this name. xD

And of what I’ve noticed, it seems like people labor more on work sped up in labeled time lapse videos. xD Don’t ask me why, I think it just carries a more official connotation than anything labeled “speed art” which sounds like someone just dived in a piece without any preparation and did some impromptu work. Which is partially true, in hindsight, but. Time lapse just sounds more formal I guess. xD But anyway, it seems the majority of traditional work is labeled with time lapse. The drawings and stuff are usually pretty detailed and prepped extensively.

But that’s just what I’ve noticed. lol Really, the two could be used interchangeably.



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