True Test of A Man

At the age of  21, most begin to realize that it’s time to party; legal to drink and to be labeled an ‘adult’ (Man) what ever the case may be.  Of course, all of this is true, but what really makes you a Man?  In my perspective and from my background, growing up in Alabama, my dad always taught me lessons that I still hold true to THIS DAY!  1) You can count your friends on 1 hand and still have some fingers left.  (This is quite true when selecting who to be your friend.  To be quite frank, most people are out to get what you have.  I don’t have a lot nor do I want a lot…..I just want my fair share from a honest day’s work.  Why be jealous of another man’s success?  Did he work harder, faster, more efficient than you? Did he know the right people, connections to get to where he is?  or maybe it wasn’t your time to advance in your career/life because you still need to learn the foundation of what being responsible is.  No one can be at fault of your mistakes, except YOU!  For the longest time, it took me a long time to get over the things that I made a mistake at, but put the blame on others.  It was evident that I put the trust in the wrong people and in result, I got the worst….(but put in the most.)  MY MISTAKE! MY BAD!

Every man has WANTS/NEEDS.  Every man will do what necessary for him to get what he wants.  Most are willing to risk it ALL, for that 1 thing that brings him pure happiness. 

Question of the Week


What are you willing to risk for that 1 thing that brings you happiness?


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