It’s easy to say “love others, stop judging, open your heart.” Learning to do these things is more challenging. A first step is to understand that we need no reason to love. Love, beauty, wisdom, hope, and faith are not logical; they are powerful forces in the universe, while logic is only a mental tool. If we wait for a rational reason to love another person whom we have defined as enemy, we’ll be waiting a long time. When we love our enemies, they will no longer be our enemies. What gets in the way of opening our hearts is precisely our judgments, which come from the logical mind.

A shift in perception, in which we see that all people are doing the best they can, based on their beliefs and their past circumstances, can help us be more understanding. Forgiving and accepting oneself is the basis for extending acceptance outwards. If we can forgive ourselves and realize that aggressive behavior is usually rooted in fear and pain, we can forgive the other.



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