My Life Force

Will This Choice Add to My Life Force or Will it Rob Me of My Energy?

Our life force is the key to our survival. Without it, we cease to exist. Our life force, which the Chinese call chi, the Japanese call ki has been described as the vital energy that breathes life into our bodies. Our life force is the guardian of our minds, our bodies, and our souls. Asking this question “Will this choice add to my life force or will it rob me of my energy?” -allows us to see whether the choice we are about to make will strengthen our life force and support us in keeping our inner flame roaring, strong, and vibrant or will rob us of our vital energy. We each have a choice, and with each action we either feed or starve our life force. This question immediately reminds us that every choice, decision, and action we take has a impact on our deepest selves and our sense of well-being.

Most of us take our life force for granted. We unconsciously go about our lives thinking that we are immortal, taking our health for granted and ignoring the needs of our bodies. But in the moments when we are fully awake, we can’t help but feel and appreciate the great gift that has been bestowed on us -the gift of being ALIVE. If each of use were present to how precious our life force is, we would care for it as we would a newborn child. We would live in awe of the miracle of our existence. When we are awake to the preciousness of life, we go through our days respecting the fact that our life force needs feeding and nourishment. We automatically ask ourselves how we can take care of and protect this precious energy.

Each day, we are faced with a multitude of choices. We decide what we will eat, how much rest and exercise we will give our bodies, and at what pace we will go about our daily activities. Each choice we make either adds to our life force or robs us of our vitality. In essence, we are either growing or dying, expanding or contracting. Every time we make a choice to nurture our life force, we choose life. Each time we choose actions that drain us of our energy, we are weakening our internal flame.

It’s so easy to forget that our bodies are a delicate gift -a temporary home for our souls. It’s usually only in times of great pain -such as when we are faced with the death of a loved one or serious illness, that we are awake of the impermanence of life. In those moments when we come face-to-face with our own mortality, we become profoundly aware of how important it is to make choices that strengthen, rather than deplete, our life force.

It is a choice to give our precious energy away. It is a choice to hang on to our resentment or to forgive those who have disappointed us. Resentment robs us of our life force. It might be the BIGGEST killer of the human spirit that exists today. We have the power to choose to give up the past, move on, and reclaim our energy NOW.


Asking this Right Question allows us to capture all the energy that’s available to us in every moment. It challenges us to look at each of the choices we make every day to see whether they are feeding or depleting our internal flame. We can’t make choices that weaken our flame and expect our fire to roar. Our life force is our connection to our passion and our vitality. When it burns brightly, we have the energy, the strengthen, and the confidence to meet our daily obligations and pursue our dreams. When our life force is strong we exude the brilliance and beauty of our true nature.


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