The Walking Dead Tribute

JPittsProductions presents The Walking Dead Tribute

If you’ve haven’t heard, The Walking Dead is the #1 show on TV right now!  I’ve been watching The Walking Dead since Season 1 Ep. 1.  The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series developed by Frank Darabont.  It’s based on the comic book series of the same name.  With zombies and chaotic elements being the foundation of the show, it gives us, the viewers, how each character interacts with each other in order to survive; and not be bitten.

With The Walking Dead going on Season 5, I’ve dedicated a good portion of my time, creating a simple background of The Walking Dead.  I also created a video (speed-art) that shows step-by-step construction from start to finish.

Please feel free to download the artwork and share with your friends……. and watch the video on how it was created.



produced by JPittsProductions
produced by JPittsProductions

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