How to get UP when you are DOWN

Everyone has felt the agony of defeat; or being ‘down‘.  No matter what’s going on in your life, we’ve all experienced those times when we feel ‘out of place’ and think you’re NOT on the right path to life.  The greatest moment is when you realize that you can change and/or something happens to make you feel good; your now back on the ‘UP“.

Here are some simple but effective steps to get back “UP”.

  • Think positively about your problem.  Attitudes are more important than facts.  The person with positive faith looks at a problem creatively, and finds a way to go around, under, or over it, or hit it straight on.  The positive thinker activates things positively and draws back positive results.
  • You can think your way through any difficulty or problem.  But you must think, not react emotionally.  Discipline yourself to be calm about your problem.
  • Develop a real faith in GOD and in yourself.  Then you can believe yourself right though your problem.  “If thou canst believe, all things are possible” (Mark 9:23).  Strengthen your faith with the powerful concepts of the Bible.  Practice the presence of GOD.
  • Stop Thinking “IF”.  Next time trouble strikes you, avoid the word if. Focus on the dynamic word how.  Don’t run away from your problem.  Face it.  Then fight it out.
  • Learn know-how from your problems.  Look at every problem as containing some amazing value for you.  When one door shuts, God may be guiding you to another door with new opportunities.
  • When God made you, He made you great.  Affirm and believe: “I am bigger than any problem.  I can overcome any problem.”
  • Cut your problem down to size.  Take it apart, break it into its components.  Then chisel off the easiest part and dispose of that.  Continue until each part of the problem is solved.
  • Every problem contains the seeds of its own solution.  Believe this, erase all doubts, never give up thinking.  Keep on believing, thinking, praying.  You can overcome any problem.

Norman Vincent Peale

captured by JPittsProductions
captured by JPittsProductions

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