What’s the Truth?

(the following excerpt is based on true events)

If we claim to have fellowship with God, yet walk in darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth.  What’s the truth? What’s the truth about why the Right Choice wasn’t your 1st choice?

I don’t think that I’m better than anyone else.  Walk in equally and be of self aware of what’s your motives are? Let’s think about it….Would you have taken from me IF I was your roommate??? Tell me things that are false in content and smile and laugh behind my back?? Jealousy? No, no, it can’t be….You are pure of Christian ways and speak to heavenly states of Glory.  You have much much more than me, that I can’t be classified in your socialist ways of communicating…….Because you thought that I was certain of death and that you’d benefit from a man’s hard work….? That camera equipment that I worked hard for, wasn’t GIVEN TO ME!!  I WORKED MY ASS OFF TO GET MY EQUIPMENT!!!

It’s tempting and easy to take things that don’t have any attachment of value to you.  I wished you’d did the RIGHT THING; the Godly thing.  What’s the Truth?

I talked to the light-skinned guy, our roommate, and he acted like I was ‘crazy’ and didn’t know who Mr. Wright was…..? He can’t be that naive to NOT know the name of his roommate.  To be completely upfront about things, he said to me when I 1st arrived to the room, “Yea, we are ALL BLACK and we don’t steal”.  “We are cool guys.”

I thought that we’d be great roommates and “Big Brother” sessions and teach me about the program…..but that wasn’t the case.  No camaraderie; Every person for themselves.  I would have respected you ALL a bit more if you were REAL from the beginning.

Setting expectations of being COOL GUYS turns out to be a bunch of false words that turns every situation questionable.

I don’t know how a person of uplifting ways be a cold person to Not even speak or give an update to what’s going on.  Las Vegas is definitely the place to be hustled by everyone that crosses my path….Everyone thinks I’m an EASY PREY.  Just because I’m nice doesn’t mean I’m easy.  I don’t take from people who are struggling with their own internal issues.  Bottom line:  I DON’T TAKE FROM OTHERS! You wouldn’t be the 1st person to do this…..I GUESS THAT’S LIFE!

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.  I worked at a very early age.  My first job was working in the fields of Alabama; picking squash for $2.00 a bucket/full.  I know the value of hard work and depending on my own to make dreams happen.

I really would like to know what your thought process was to justify taking my camera equipment rather than giving it to the VSA (Veteran Service Admin).  To make matters worst, you stole my camera equipment on Easter Sunday.

People have different meaning to Easter Day.  But primarily Jesus Christ died and rose again from the dead.  What makes this so significant is that, Jesus did exactly that when he saw EVIL come into light.  It’s the ways of the world that makes us do thing that are unjustifiable.  I never wish evil or harm to anyone because you cannot turn back what’s been WRITTEN or SEEN?

This excerpt goes to the guy that stole my camera equipment and he states he’s a preacher; a child of God.  Just another false prophet.


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