Merry Christmas 2014

Family, Friends, Veterans, Co-Workers, Fans, Supporters and everyone that wished me and my family a very Merry Christmas; I thank you for being supportive of JPittsProductions and my efforts since DAY 1.  This is a time of the season for giving and being thankful for what YOU do have.  It’s also a time of reflection and remembering the hard times that has come over the year and being grateful for coming out of those bad times on top.  Never let anyone or ANYTHING get you down.  There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and it takes persistence, determination, dedication to get you through it.

Always remember the little people that helped you get out of any bad situation.  Take nobody for granted.  These are the people that want to see you succeed in the true test of LIFE.

I want to, once again, say THANK YOU, and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my supporters for believing in me, when I didn’t have the strength to carry on.

2015 will be a very powerful and pivotal year for US ALL!!!!


What are you comments about JPittsProductions?

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