As 2014 comes to a close, many of us are looking forward to 2015.  Many are making 2015 a year of time of ultimate change.  The wonders as to what makes us LIVE!

Often at this time of year, I think of the meaning of being here in this human form living this human life. I am grateful for a season to reflect and realign with the reasons for life or as many describe it, “The Meaning of Life”. I believe in the soul and think each of us as spirits walking this earth in human form to learn and experience life in order for our souls energy to learn what it is to have FREE WILL and to live life making choices each day that involve using that free will to do good or bad with whatever decisions are placed in our path.

Walking a comfortable path in Life, is, of course, the easiest way to live.  Some people yearn for adventure; yearn for greater attribution of Life.  I’ve not that type.  I believe that the experiences that we encounter are there to make strive for more internal goals achieved or to sit back and watch as the World passes you by.  Either your IN or OUT.

I also believe that we have lives that we are given to us that include tests or ordeals that we need to live in order to understand what life is from all aspects and all levels.jpittsproductions 2015

We are here to experience the good, the bad, the easy and the hard elements of being human. The energy that is our life soul is here in order to understand what it is to love or be unloved, to give or be the one who is in need , to help   or to intentionally do harm during this human experience

How else can we truly grasp what it is to be loved or alone, to be happy or sad or live a good life of comfort and ease as well as one of pain and struggle? We have to experience human life in order for the energy that is our soul or our spirit to grow and one day move on to another level of existence that is not the school room of human life on planet earth.

My 2014 year has been a roller-coaster of ride through Life.  Since coming to Las Vegas, I had my up/downs.  I was homeless and in a sense of the matter, I’m still homeless because I’m staying with someone that took me into their home.

Throughout this year, 2014, I’ve been in Mental Institutional facilities that plagues them daily.  The purpose of the US Vets are, to curve my way of thinking; so that the soldier will be able to cooperative with the customers/co-workers in a real world scenario.

The purpose of the M.I was to bring homeless soldiers off the streets of Las Vegas, into a government funded program, so that the soldier can reclaim some of sanity and find a substantial

Why does one person has to wait til the End of 2014 to finally realize that he can be advance!



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