….and it was never EASY

Life…..never easy for me.  Nor did I ever expect it to be.  With every step along the way through life, there’s an obstacle, a bump in the road, or simply put, a ROCK and a HARD PLACE.  I know within myself and my abilities to continue forward.  It all depends upon how much I work hard at living life.  I don’t need to be within a comfort zone to be happy.  My joy comes from starting from the bottom and coming up to the TOP by my own merit and hard work.

Every day presents a new challenge and a new set of guidelines to overcome.  I may be homeless and living on the campus of CSN, but I know that when I get to where I feel that I can progress, I can say to myself, “I MADE IT!!!”

I’ve been homeless before, and I understand the struggle quite well.  At the end of the day, boyfriend or NOT……girlfriend or NOT…..a companion or NOT……I can do for myself.



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