Dead Shot “The Photoshop Project”

Stage 1: Conceptual Idea

I took a scene from The Walking Dead and captured a still shot of a zombie attack. Rick is saving Noah…and Noah is saving YOU. Mysonne is in the background, making sure no more zombies get through the gate.   This scene gives the audience a first-person perspective of the attack.DEAD_SHOT_Stage_1_Concept

Stage 2: Ink

This stage, I printed out the ‘screenshot’ from The Walking Dead and inked the outlines, major highlights and details with a dark ink outline against shades and facial features. The gate has the repetitive and perspective angles of focal.


Stage 3: Paint
With my handy, dandy paintbrush, I painted the scene with vibrant and clear colors. The zombie’s color scheme is very elusive in nature of it being the focal point of the piece. The background (trees) was simple. A green brush and highlights for the dark tones of the tree. Rick is firing his weapon at the back of the zombies’ head.


Stage 4: Blood
I then, simply added a blood splatter effect to the Zombie’s Face. This effect gives the viewer’s a perspective of the “blood is flying to YOUR face. Drop Shadows and motion blur effects were handy at this point.


Stage 5: Max
Ok…. umm, where do I begin?
I felt that each character in the scene deserved some flair. I faded in many reference sources to create this ‘almost’ completely masterpiece. I used several brush tips and opacity to create simple but yet effective ambiguous details to the overall piece. For example; I put each single effect on its on layer. Fire | City | Zombies | ETC…and played with the Blending Options for greater detailing.



This stage is ULTRA COMPLETE! Every element of design is represented in this piece. Noah has a funny meme (he has a platinum grillz) and Zombie Transformation. I also added a flying bullet and Normal Opacity to the effects to create the flying bullet effect. For the edges of the piece, I used my grunge brush tool and created rough and gritty feel. I added more zombies to complete the entire piece. The Photoshop file (.psd) has 69 layers @ 607.8M.

Date Completed: March 2, 2015 Total Time: 6 Days 3hr. 12min 44sec






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