Summer Time is Here


I haven’t been blogging on my site for a couple months now, and I feel that I need to get back to my friends and supporters and let everyone IN on the updates.  As we ALL know, SUMMER TIME IS UPON US! The crisp warmth of the sun and a much needed break from school.  …….A BREAK FROM SCHOOL???  YES, A BREAK FROM SCHOOL.

I’ve decided to take off for the summer session and work more at Terrible Herbst (graveyard) or any other shifts that I can pick up during the summer.  I do have plans to attend CSN in the Fall semester.  I really don’t have any big plans for the summer.  I know that most of the students will be traveling to other places to visit family and friends, while I continue to work more and harder to save up for those rainy days.

It’s the last day of school RIGHT NOW and I feel that my semester went great.  I have 1 more final to take, but it done online.

I do have simple plans to enjoy my summer.  I plan to ride my bike more… a bike club which I feel comfortable with….work more at Terrible Herbst…..and participate in volunteer services around the city.

Possibly getting my own studio and/or 1 bedroom apartment so that I don’t have to sleep in the parks anymore.

Great things comes to those who work harder and harder each day to achieve greater results.



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