copyright @ JPittsProductions 2014I, JPittsProductions AKA Junior Lorenza Pitts, am dedicated in so many ways to provide a wide array of web, photography, graphic design and digital medias to establish cutting-edge and modern branding for professional organizations, small businesses and personal usage. For any event that you may need, JPittsProductions services (IE, Weddings, 1st Birthday parties, corporate events, birthday parties, sweet 16s, and MORE); I will ensure that your needs are met with the utmost care and professionalism.

JPittsProductions specializes in wedding photography, 1st Birthdays, special events, macro photography, portraits, candid shots and more. Your wedding and events are just as important to me as it is to you and your loved ones. Quality of service, attention to detail and exceptional imagery are my primary qualities that I bring to your event. Now, that I’m on my own, I can set my own rules and guidance on production style and a more practical business sense that brings satisfaction to the client(s).

My vast military career has carved many professional qualities that I follow on a daily basis. Dedication, Integrity, and Loyalty are some of the major qualities that you will expect when working with JPittsProductions.

I’ve received several military awards and promotions throughout my military career. I was also Owner/Graphic Design/Marketing CEO of Laakea Ocean Wedding. Starting in 2010, after leaving the military, I was proposed with the venture to start a wedding consulting company. With no prior knowledge of the wedding industry, I took a BIG RISK and started a joint venture, spawning Laakea Ocean Wedding. The transition from military to civilian was quite the challenge; and still is! Through persistence, commitment and the drive to ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ gave me the strength and aptitude to move forward and never look back. Since the official opening of Laakea, I’ve received several bridal awards and recognition from brides, vendors and popular wedding resource websites. 2012 Brides Choice Awards, 2013 Brides Choice Awards, over 30 highly acclaimed reviews on WeddingWire, and other bridal resource websites. Since leaving Hawaii, I’ve moved to Las Vegas to start up my own ventures; the way GOD intended.  I’ve learned A LOT from my experiences in Hawaii.  Trust is the biggest attribute that MUST be established with any partnership/client relationship.  I lost EVERYTHING that I owned in Hawaii.  It is basically a starting over period for me; ground-zero.

Arriving to Las Vegas with only my backpack, I’ve worked myself to the bone to get back on my horse and start again.  My photography has gotten me several gigs in the metro area of Las Vegas.

Although the road to happiness and fulfillment may be filled with troubled times and hardships. Always be optimistic; nothing lasts forever.


copyright @ JPittsProductions 2014I’ve been working with several Adobe photo/video editing software for about 10yrs. Past Experience: I’m originally from Alabama and attended The Art Institute of Atlanta, Georgia for 3yrs majoring in Multimedia/Web Design (BA). Soon after college, I joined the Armed Forces, in lieu of 9/11.

I have 10yrs of military experience (2003-2011) Active Army and in the US Reserves. During my military occupation, I didn’t utilize my design skills. Of course, The Army had better things for us to do. My primary job in the ARMY was a Petroleum Supply Specialist and Radio Communication Specialist.

Soon after I left the Active Army, honorably, I decided to stay in Hawaii. I’ve been on the island for 6yrs now and since then I’ve rapidly developed my skills of creating and designing with a passion.

I’ve owned a wedding company and I’ve done works, utilizing Photoshop/Video Production for Laakea Ocean Wedding (a North Shore wedding planning company), created pamphlets, logos and other marketing devices for vacation rentals and wedding venues, in similarity. Not referring to weddings mostly, but I’ve also created CD covers, photo manipulations, visually aesthetic collages for promotional, educational usages. Feel free to see my Facebook page for more projects.  JPittsProductions Facebook


If there’s anything that the ARMY taught me, it was to be a TEAM PLAYER, LEADERSHIP, RESPECT, DUTY, HONOR, INTEGRITY, SELFLESS-SERVICE I work well with others, respectable and definitely a hard worker.  Success doesn’t come over night nor does it come from quick schemes that people conjure to bring happiness and success.  Success comes from hard work and the untiring ability to create something from nothing.  I’ve created a name for myself and I will not let anyone with negativity tell me otherwise.  Fame isn’t an attribute that I desire to proclaim.  Just the fact that I created a media footprint for a small business is more of an accomplish than any price of fame.

Thanks to all the people that supported me and the people that told me to NOT QUIT when I was down.  Your persistence and support will forever be remembered.


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