mountain_group_modWithin THE many years of my digital photography/graphics career, started in Atlanta GA until present time, I’ve worked with a variety of clients/small business owners and fellow industry professional, all with different personalities, different work styles, different time zones, different methods of conducting business.  There’s no single 1 client that has the same style of business as the next. Being versatile and having the tact to tell something that client may not want to hear is something that determines the overall success of the project.

That’s why it’s important to myself, JPittsProductions to be able to accommodate to those different styles and provide the client(s) with a substantial product that they can use from now until the future.  Working tirelessly to bring vision into the actuality of publications, online media and other forms of interactivity.

Pa’u Tattoo Shop (Haleiwa, HI)
SpeedArt Video: SpeedArt Video
Tattoo Session Video: Tattoo Session Video
-A very well acclaimed tattoo shop in Haleiwa, Hawaii. Great artistry, passionate tattoo artists that put their countless time and effort into their work. THIS IS AN ESTABLISHMENT THAT IS A MUST SEE!

Laakea Ocean Wedding (Owner/investor: Junior L. Pitts; managed by: Elias G.)
YOUTUBE PLAYLIST:  Laakea Ocean Wedding video by JPittsProductions
This wedding planning company was initially started in 2010 by myself and a business partner. All the visual elements that Laakea has in its possession were ALL created by JPittsProductions, including website, blog, photography, videography and content to involve verbiage of contracts, site content.

Loulu Palm Estate (Wedding Venue)

Maile Hawaii Weddings (Hawaii wedding company)

Kapona (Hawaiian Musician)

Kalona Polynesian Ohana (Hawaii Hula Dance Assembly)

Youtube Video

MRA ENT (Atlanta based Rap Group)

YouTube SpeedArt

OK Fine Floral (local Flower company | independently owned)

Regency Hotel and Travel (Hawaii | no longer in operations)

Nazca Mining (Hawaii | no longer in operations)

Hale Lokahi Estate (Punaluu, Hawaii) I created the entire look for Hale Lohaki Estate. Logo | Photos and all visual elements of this wedding estate.

Makahalii Estate(created several marketing campaigns and video walkthrough tours)

View Video Tour Here

Antiques at the Market (Las Vegas, NV) created promotional ad for weekly circulations

View Video Project here

Devin Deal

View Graphic Design Project Here

US VETS (Las Vegas)

 Photo session of the many Homeless Veterans in the metro area of Las Vegas

View Photos Here

TEAMRWB (Las Vegas)