JPittsProductions is dedicated to providing potential clients with a well balance of quality photography along with the vision of the client’s objective as my primary focus.  The photos below are some sample shots of my previous creative projects that shows a wide array of style, composition and the overall cleanliness of quality over quantity. Click here to see my comprehensive wedding photography.

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Southern Living

Vegas vs Bama

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Its been a long time since I’ve posted any new content since summer 2017.  ITS 2018 and I’m heading up a new direction, new location and within a range of Southern charm and influence.

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on LIFE, ENVIRONMENT, CURRENT SITUATION, ETC. ETC. ETC. We all know it’s quite cumbersome to keep a positive mindframe.  There are many of US reading this RIGHT NOW, have a certain thought or idea that isn’t too kind to yourself or others that you associate with. I’ve been trying and trying to shift my thought … Continue reading KEEPING A POSITIVE OUTLOOK!!

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EARGASM – Make Daddy Proud

Video post by @jlronthebeat. Source: EARGASM – Make Daddy Proud

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